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 Opening Remarks13.00pm-13.20pm 
  Dr. Yuichi Obata (Director of RIKEN BRC)  
 Opening Address  
  Ms. Suzuka Sakashita (Director for Genome Research Life Science Division, MEXT-Japan) 
 Session I 13.20pm-15.00pm 
   Chair: Dr. Toshihiko Shiroishi (National Institute of Genetics) 
     1.    Dr. Steve Brown(Medical Research Council UK) 
  “The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium
- Building the first comprehensive functional catalogue of a mammalian genome – “
 2.Dr. Karen Svenson(Jackson Lab US)  
  “Gene-specific Mouse Mutants as Human Disease Models “
 Session II15.20pm-17.30pm 
   Chair:Dr. Ryo Kominami (Niigata University) 
 3.Dr. Yann Herault (Institut Clinique de la Souris France)  
  “Investigating rare diseases with intellectual disabilities -Benefit of a standardized targeted approach in the mouse for a better understanding of the pathophysiology -“
 4.Dr. Hiroki Nagase(Chiba Cancer Center Research Institute)  
  “Chemical genomics approaches to modify biological processes and pathological state“
 5.Dr. Shigeharu Wakana(RIKEN BioResource Center)  
  “Dissemination of the standardized phenotyping, resources and data in mice from RIKEN BRC for the advancement of biomedical research.“
 Session Ⅲ17.30pm-18.00pm 
 6.Question & Discussion  
 Closing address  
  Dr. Yuichi Obata (Director of RIKEN BRC)